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Princess Kate - A Room With a View for the Royal Wedding

The wedding ceremony of Prince William and his bride, the future Princess, Kate Middleton will capture the attention of the nation and indeed much of the world. The service itself will take place at Westminster Abbey on April 29th with congregation of around 2000 guests including the Royals, close friends, celebrity personalities from the world of sport, fashion and film.

With preparations quickly coming together, it has emerged that of those invited guests, very few will get a perfect view of the bridal party and it seems that actually, those viewing the days’ events at home might get a far better one. The big day is expected to be seen by several billions right across the world as they tune in to William and Kate’s Wedding in the comfort of their own home.

Clarence House recently released the seating plan for the exclusive ceremony at Westminster Abbey, and it soon became apparent that some of the congregation will be nearer than others. Those who have drawn the short straw will be located further away and need to view the service via video screens if they want a closer look. It seems that Westminster Abbey was chosen by the couple for its intimate feel. It is believed that, in a bid to break with Royal tradition, William and Kate will not have a bride’s side/groom’s side divide, rather there will be a more relaxed seating arrangement. The occasion will see the Spencer’s behind the Middleton’s whilst the Queen and other Royal’s will be further down the same aisle to Kate’s family.

With seating plans and restricted viewing perhaps we’re all better off viewing the Royal Wedding in the comfort of our own front rooms – and what a view it will be.

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