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Princess Kate - A Royal Knees-Up for the Party of the Century

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton takes place on 29 April and for the congregation at Westminster Abbey, and the millions of viewers at home, this is an event that will unite the nation. During the service, revellers will marvel in the stunning sounds of the Choir of Westminster Abbey, and the London Chamber Orchestra. But it is the celebrations after the ceremony that will unite the music tastes of many and this is where the Royal Wedding fever creeps in.

Of course there will be street parties, dinner parties and wedding-themed events a plenty. These parties will take place up and down the country but one thing to consider during the party-planning stages is music. Get it right and your event will be the talk of the town, get it wrong and you could live with the shame in your neighbourhood for months to come. That party playlist, then, seems vitally important and a good wedding DJ is simply a must.

Rumours speculating a Royal Wedding Rave have been ever present in recent months. There will no doubt be a highly- acclaimed superstar DJ taking to the decks at Buckingham Palace to lead the nation in the celebrations. The Royal Couple are believed to have drawn up a playlist for the event including some cheesy songs for a right Royal knees-up. But whether in the state (or should that be rave) rooms at the Palace, or a street party in your local area, this is the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax and rock out. Popular tunes for the Royal Wedding festivities could include cheesy songs of the Eighties such as the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ and Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ whilst more modern hits such as Beyoncé‘s ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ and the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’. On 29th April be sure to get in on the Wedding of the year, whether that’s at your nearest dance floor or in a nearby street, for a right Royal knees-up.

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