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Princess Kate - Royal Newly-weds: The New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

In keeping with Royal tradition, Prince William and his new wife, Princess Kate, were given new titles to mark the occasion of their wedding. The couple will take the new titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with immediate effect. The new titles were announced upon the morning of the wedding ceremony in accordance to the wedding traditions of the Royal family.

William will also be linked to Scotland through the title of Earl of Strathearn, as well as Northern Island, where he takes the title of Baron Carrickfergus . The latest addition to the Royal family, Kate, will also take another title by becoming Her Royal Highness. This is a particularly significant moment for Kate as it marks the Royal family’s accepting of her as a suitable match for William, and it recognises her as a valued member of the Royal family. The tradition of crediting Royals with a new title on their wedding is a tradition that has lasted many generations, and will, no doubt, be used for many years to come. Interestingly, Prince Charles broke that tradition when he married Lady Dianna Spencer in 1981. This was because the Prince already had a host of titles including Duke of Cornwall, Baron of Renfrew and Earl of Chester.

William and Kate will follow a long line of history by taking the Dukedom of Cambridge. The titles were created in 1801, although upon the death of the second Duke of Cambridge in 1904, this role was annulled. Genealogist, Charles Kidd, commented on the newly-appointed titles by saying that: "Cambridge was generally spoken of as a high possibility. It has a long royal tradition, and is immediately recognisable as an English title, it's one of those places everyone has heard of."

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