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Princess Kate - Full Steam Ahead for the Royal Wedding

Its full steam ahead for the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton is said to be going the extra mile with preparations for her big day. William was wowed by Kate’s stunning figure at a charity fashion show that she featured in whilst the couple were at St Andrew’s University. With the 29th of April fast approaching, Kate wants to keep in shape for all the press and media coverage that will be seen by the whole world.

Upon William and Kate’s recent visit to Belfast, one woman, a mother and housewife from the city, advised Kate on her welfare. The woman said: "I told her not to lose any more weight and she said it was all part of the wedding plan."  Kate was said to have revealed some of the plans for the wedding and admitted that: "I have been to lots of friends' weddings but I never realised how much there was to do." 

The Royal couple are believed to have visited the location which will hold their wedding service – Westminster Abbey – so that they could make decisions such as musical arrangements. A reliable source said: "They listened to some of the music that will be played at the wedding but not all of it." Adding that: "They looked relaxed and seemed to enjoy themselves. They are obviously very keen that everything should be right on the big day."  The couple seem to have a relaxed but engaged approach to their wedding preparations but some things will be delegated to one or the other. During their visit to Belfast, William joked: "I will let Kate do the chatting about flowers - I am out of my depth." One onlooker presented Kate and William with his and hers baseball caps bearing the words “bride” and “groom” embroidered on them. William politely turned down the gesture by asking: "Can you imagine what my grandmother would say if I wore this at Westminster Abbey?"

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