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Princess Kate - Honorary Invitations for British War Heroes

On April 29th, Westminster Abbey will be bursting with a top-notch congregation who are gathered for the wedding of Prince William to his University sweetheart, Kate Middleton. The ceremony itself boasts stars including the Beckhams, Joss Stone and Sir Elton John.

It has recently been announced that some of Britain’s servicemen are set to attend as an honorary gesture for their brave and noble work in protecting the interests of this nation. Invitations have been sent to British war heroes and their bereaving families who, amongst others, include the Prince’s friend and fellow officer L Cpl Martyn Compton. Martyn, known as “Compo” to his friends and family, served with William as part of Windsor’s Household Cavalry. Aged 27, Martyn fought against the Taliban in Afghanistan during 2006, where his brutal injuries left him in a three-month coma.

William and Kate are known for their great charity work and the cause for British war heroes is one that is particularly close to their hearts. As a mark of tribute the Royal couple have sent invitations in respect of many of the nation’s servicemen who give their lives overseas. The Prince and future Princess, Kate, want to honour these great people through the small gesture of a wedding invitation so that the Royal Wedding can be shared with the likes of Royalty and celebrity.

An invitation has been sent to the sister of another of William’s good friends in the Forces. Holly Dyer, aged 30 is due to attend in memory of her sister 2nd Lt. Joanna Dyer who died whilst serving Iraq during 2007. William became friends with Joanna during their training at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, Berkshire. The Prince was said to be “absolutely devastated” at the news of Joanna’s death.

The invited servicemen and women are not just friends and acquaintances of the Prince’s, rather officers of all ranks and services will attend the ceremony. This mark of respect speaks greatly of British forces, and shows how much William and Kate admire the honourable work of thousands of officers overseas.

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