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Princess Kate - Kate Middle Becomes Top Fashion Buzzword

Think celebrity fashion icon and most people would hail Lady Gaga as the ultimate fashionista, however a recent poll announced Kate Middleton as last year’s leading buzzword in fashion. The survey conducted by The Global Language Monitor (GLM), analyses the usage and occurring trends of words from around the world, and it seems that the Prince’s fiancé is showing the rest of the celebrity world who really wears the trousers (or skirt, dress...)

American Pop singer-song writer, Gaga is well known for wearing some daringly flamboyant ensembles that often border on the risqué and outrageous. Previous get-ups have included telephones assembled to her head, a coat of Kermits and the heavily contested meat dress. Slightly more reserved yet ever so stylish, Kate Middleton appears as a vision, radiating her beauty in regal chic. She is the modern day fashion icon for the Royal Family that hasn’t been matched since the stylish presence of the late Princess Diana.

Since her engagement to Prince William in November 2010, Kate Middleton has captured the hearts of the nation, and now it seems their wardrobes too. Kate’s style has catapulted into the public eye meaning that any outfit she wears seems to turn to gold dust. The royal blue Issa dress that she wore for the engagement was replicated by dressmakers all over America and Europe, becoming a sure sell out within a matter of hours.

The GLM, who announce the most favoured buzzwords annually, named shirt dresses, stripes and MoBama - Michelle Obama’s moniker amongst this year’s top ten entries. The commentary for the Top Fashion Buzzwords read as: ‘Kate dethrones Lady Gaga as the No. 1 fashion buzzword for the upcoming season, reaching a crescendo on the occasion of her April 29th wedding to Prince William’.

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