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Morton’s Travel, are in the process of creating tours of “Middleton Country” that will trace Kate’s roots in the place she grew up in.

Morton’s travel is a small coach company based in North Hampshire. Established in 2004, the company pride themselves on being ‘the leading provider of luxury coaches in the area.’ and now they hope to extend that luxury by giving tours in honour of the soon to be Princess, Kate Middleton. The travel company includes Kate’s home village Bucklebury in its current routes for trips around the county of Berkshire, which already prove popular with American tourists. The company are prepared to make new routes in order to accommodate the interest in the places of Kate’s childhood. Ros Funnell, a member of the Mortons Travel suggested: “It's something we'll consider”.

The “Middleton Country” tour will be designed to give tourists the opportunity to see where the Princess to be grew up. Sights of interest could include the family home in Chapel Row, the local church and her primary school. The Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley, is expected to become a local hotspot after it was revealed that William and Kate favoured the 18th century Inn for its warm atmosphere and mouth-watering menu. In honour of the Royal Couple, Inn will be hosting its own royal wedding party on 29th of April. Owners John and Pam Haley will present a fancy dress competition in the hope to find the best prince and princess, there will also be a royal wedding hat competition.

Another stop on the tour is St Andrew's Church in Bradfield, a place where Kate was christened in her early years and where she spent time in the hall that belongs to the church, with the local brownie pack. Coincidently, the church bares the same name as the University Kate and William attended for their undergraduate degrees – St Andrew’s University in Fife, Scotland.

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