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Princess Kate - Kate’s Dress to Dazzle High-Street Fashion

Since the Royal engagement back in November 2010, there has been strict secrecy surrounding Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Followers of royalty, fashion and particularly the future Princess, Kate, are still being left in the dark as to the designer of that all important wedding dress. For months there has been huge speculation in the media of Britain and around the world. The mystery designer could come from one of a whole host of leading fashion houses; rumours have suggested Victoria Beckham, the late Alexander McQueen and the woman behind Kate’s beautiful engagement dress – Brazilian Issa designer Daniella Helayel.

Despite the secrecy, public interest will be fulfilled as the dress, when it is finally revealed on the wedding day of William and Kate on April 29th, will be replicated for sale on the British high-street. Imitations of the wedding dress are likely to please ‘mini- Kates’ who will be able to make further efforts to follow their fashion icon. Kate’s stylish outfits have been the talk of women everywhere. Let us not forget that stunning royal blue Issa dress which was worn by Kate upon the announcement of the Royal engagement. This was a dress that was replicated by dressmakers all over America and Europe, selling out within a matter of hours. If that was the engagement dress, then we can only imagine how much of it Kate’s wedding dress will be.

Sarah Clark, senior fashion editor at Glamour magazine commented by saying: "Of course, any designer Kate chooses to wear will immediately become a household name – the coverage will be unbelievable. It will catapult that designer into the mainstream. It's hard to overestimate the impact." She continued that: "Kate is synonymous with the British high street, in a way that Princess Diana never was, which definitely adds to her appeal as a modern princess. Her style is accessible," says Clark.

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