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Princess Kate - Princess Kate's engagement dress: The Nanette

Due to popular demand, Kate’s engagement dress has been re-released for sale but there’s a catch – it’s only available in the US.

The dress in question, named the Nannette, is an asymmetric sheer white dress with ¾ length sleeves named the Nannette by the UK-based high street brand Reiss. The fashion house describes the dress as: ‘the epitome of modern elegance’, although this statement could equally apply to Kate, herself.

It seems that the Nannette sold out almost instantaneously upon the announcement of the Royal engagement in November 2010. There was a brief re-appearance in the UK but, once again, it quickly sold out. The dress is now only available in the US but following the surge in demand, one can only guess that it will not remain in-stock for long. The dress was priced at £159 in the UK, compared to $310 in the US.

General Manager of Reiss’s Soho store in New York, Lyndon Mackenzie, commented on the dress’ popularity predicting that it will almost certainly sell out within the week. Mackenzie described the dress as: ‘classic’, ‘very sophisticated’ and ‘timeless’. Owing to the fact that it is already becoming iconic, one can only image the longevity of the Nannette.

Official engagement portraits of the couple were taken by Peruvian fashion photographer, Mario Testino and released to the world’s press. The photographs show Kate wearing the iconic dress in a close embrace with Prince William, sharing beaming smiles and a glimpse of the engagement ring.

Kate is quickly becoming one to watch in the fashion stakes, having already taken on Lady Gaga in 2010’s fashion buzzword and an array of top outfits, everyone wants to get in on Kate’s fashion-savvy style. What will this year have in store for Miss Middleton’s wardrobe (and ours)?

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