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Like the Royals before them, official stamps are now available to commemorate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The stamps, that went on sale on April 21st, are available at all branches of the Post Office for the price of £1.10. The image for the stamps was captured by Mario Testino, renowned celebrity and fashion photographer who was assigned the role of official photographer for William and Kate’s engagement photographs.

It is believed that the portraits have the full approval from the Monarchy and with full involvement from the Prince himself. Of the images on the stamp, the formal one was set at St James’s Palace in the Council Chamber, and the informal image was taken in the Cornwall Room, also at St James’s.

Like the other forms of official memorabilia, the stamps are another way of documenting this joyous occasion as a moment in history. The Royal Mail has announced a strong demand for the stamps and their website has been inundated with requests from the UK and all over the world. These stamps are likely to reach out of stock status, and therefore the stamps’ value are sure to reach enormous figures. Collectors are said to be in a desperate bid to get their hands on the precious stamps to fetch high prices at auction.

A spokesman at the Royal Mail said: "It is a great honour to commemorate this very special event through this set of stamps. “...we are proud to be able to offer this everlasting reminder of such a historic occasion."

A sheet of two 1st Class stamps and two £1.10 stamps, bearing images of Prince William, and, soon to be Princess, Kate, will cost £3.12 – a small price to pay for a piece of British history.

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