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The 29th of April is destined to be a day to remember for the nation, the Commonwealth and indeed the world, so what better way to treasure that day than with a special souvenir? Well this year the usual assortment of memorabilia will be on sale in the run up to the Royal Wedding. Limited edition mugs, tea towels and ornaments will be widely available but it seems that not all Royal Wedding merchandise will give quite the air of sophistication that the big day deserves.

With all the attention in the media it is hardly surprising that retailers are hoping to cash in on the Royal Wedding, but the event will also give way to an array of tacky memorabilia and novelty items. Pies and condoms are the latest novelty items to be announced but that is only the beginning. British illustrator Lydia Leith has unveiled something quite unique, wait for it... Royal Wedding sick bags. Going by the witty name of "Throne Up", the sick bags are believed to be a joke souvenir for all those who are quite literally sick of the media frenzy surrounding the Royal Wedding. Priced at £3 the sick bags are available online at Lydia’s website and seem to be causing quite a stir.

Buckingham Palace have announced guidelines to ensure that memorabilia is official and tasteful in all cases but the Palace’s staff will have a hard job to prevent the weird and wonderful souvenirs that are popping up across British high streets and over the internet - in fact they may get so sick of it that they find themselves in need of some of Lydia's "Throne Up's"!

Experts in retail research have predicted that the Royal Wedding could contribute millions of pounds to the British economy, a welcome boost particularly due to the current economic climate.

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