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Princess Kate - The Royal Wedding Guest List

Weddings invitations all too often become quite a predicament – who to invite, who not to invite, who you ought to invite...it seems even the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be much debated before invitations are finalised. Westminster Abbey holds around 1,900 people but who will be on that all important guest list?

A royal spokesman made clear that the event will not be ‘a celebrity-filled wedding.’ He continued that: "In general terms, the vast bulk of those invited are friends and family from all walks of life. People who have shared their lives, as children, at university. Just like any other wedding.” Despite official statements announced by the royal palaces, there is still much speculation in the media about which celebrities will receive an invitation. Amongst the rumoured celebrity guests are David and Victoria Beckham, and it is already believed that Victoria will be designing Kate’s wedding dress.

It seems there has been controversy over international leaders and foreign heads of state who have been invited, particularly the King of Bahrain whose country is in political turmoil, as well as the Crown Prince of Oman and the King of Saudi Arabia. Politics aside, there will be the couple’s friends from St Andrews, William’s Eton classmates and even all of his seven ex's.

Whoever does make the cut for the Royal Wedding guest list will be the envy of the nation and overseas. Kate and William’s wedding day could well be one of the most talked about Royal Weddings in history – and most definitely a dazzling way to start this new decade of 2011.

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