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Princess Kate - The Royal Wedding in 3D?

In recent years 3D film and television have taken the technological world by storm and yet despite these advances, it has been announced that the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will not be televised in 3D.

Following the hype of 2009’s Avatar and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 2010, 3D is an example of high quality viewing that redefines consumer expectation.

The move to 3D was initiated by the UK based satellite television company BSkyB, who established its own 3D television channel in October 2010. The company are said to have made various attempts to persuade the Royal family of the benefits of televising the big day in 3D television.

Speaking to the Guardian, Patrick Harrison, press secretary for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, told of several reasons as to why this decision had been made. Speaking of areas of particular concern, Harrison said: "...most notably the additional camera footprint in the abbey, the relatively small (albeit growing) audience for 3D, and our desire to not be distracted away from negotiating and facilitating the optimal 2D, radio, photographic and online coverage of the day."

This news bears some resemblance to the early technological advances during the time of the Royal coronation in 1952 where television sets were scarce and people sat crowded around neighbour’s televisions. Over 20 million people watched the BBC coverage of the coronation and for many it was the first programme they saw on television. This may be far cry away from the Royal Wedding in 2011 but one thing is for sure, people won’t be buying brand new 3D sets for the occasion.

So for those who were hoping to get a closer view of Kate’s dress, it seems you may be disappointed but there’s always the next Royal Wedding.

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